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WOO HOO!!!  Summer is finally here!!!  Time for vacations and fun in the sun.  

With longer days and shorter nights there is more time for the great outdoors,

activities, sports, and picnics.

Summer is also the best time of the year for delicious fresh fruits and vegetables.  

Check out our delicious looking fruit scented candles on our Specialty Candle page.  

We have everything from preserves in a jar and little fruit tarts to fruit in a little

scented basket or melon half!!  If you desire, its not necessary to burn them

because their scents permeate the air like an air freshener!!  

How awesome is that?!?!?!

Summer insects play an integral part in nature,

however we do not want them to have a part of us!  

You all know what we mean…....mosquitos and other little critters!!!  

But we have the perfect solution for that!!

Our citronella candles can be viewed on our Specialty and Seasonal Candle page.

The turtle, frog, flower pot containers, and whimsical tree spirit candle

have our wonderful citronella blend.

Don't forget to be prepared for your summer journeys with one of our easy to pack

travel candles with citronella.  Your wish is our command!

Have Fun but Be Safe!!!



Photo by Anne Marie Palita