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Photo by Anne Marie Palita

Autumn officially begins September 22 this year!!  It is such a beautiful time as the air becomes invigorating.  The leaves turn into stunning colors of red, orange, brown, and gold before cascading to the ground and joining the other leaves that have already fallen.  As the wind blows, more and more leaves swirl around as they drift into the carpet of leaves below.  The sound of crunching leaves under your feet bring back days of childhood when you would fall into a pile of freshly raked leaves.

But now that we’re all grown, there are other things to think about.  

ESSENTIAL THERAPEUTICS has blended essential oils that provide you with protection and balance during this time of year when we stay indoors longer.  We have named it Autumn as it will not only keep you well but it will bring the warm, happy memories of your first taste of autumn.  The smell of apple pie, and the love you felt for the one who provided it for you!  Ah, the wonderful and sensual sensations of autumn!!!!  You can experience this blend by applying a few drops in one of our many types of diffusers.   We have also used this blend in many of our candles.   

And with the dry winter weather approaching, our Sugar Scrubs will exfoliate, soften and revitalize your skin.  Since they are made with sugar rather than salt, these may be used every day.


Our Botanical Relief Salve is not only good for injuries and pain, it is also great to heal dry, damaged skin. The herbs we use in making the salve, help to keep the skin supple, accelerates healing of wounds and may aid in warding off infection.

What more could you ask for!!!

Have a Happy and 
Safe Holiday Season