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Photo by Anne Marie Palita

For those who live in the north and get a lot of snow, please remember the beauty in what you get to experience.  Bare trees with a soft coating of snow, and even ice can be beautiful!  Finding tiny squirrel or bird tracks as they prance through the snow.  And how about in the moonlight as the snow glistens!!  You can find beauty in almost everything!!!

When I think of winter, I look forward to cuddling with a blanket by a fireplace and drinking hot chocolate.  It reminds me of when I was a child playing in the snow and coming in while my mother made me hot chocolate.  What memories do you have of winter?


We seem to spend more time with family and friends, especially with the wonderful winter holidays.  Not only are we sharing this warmth and companionship, but we are also sharing various types of bacteria and viruses as well.  Nature has provided us with many ways to protect ourselves and motivate our immune systems.  One way includes the use of essential oils extracted from specific herbs. When used properly, these essential oils aid in keeping us balanced and healthy.    Some of these herbs include cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg, all favorites in the comfort foods we love to eat.  Long, long ago, our ancestors knew the power of certain herbs and integrated them into their daily living.  It was part of their survival and it made the food taste good as well!

 Essential Therapeutics has blended essential oils that provide you with protection and balance. You can experience this blend by applying a few drops in one of our many types of diffusers.   We have used these blends in many of our candles.  

And with the dry winter weather, our Sugar Scrubs will exfoliate, soften and revitalize your skin.  Since they are made with sugar rather than salt, these may be used every day.  Our Botannical Relief Salve is not only good for injuries and pain, it is also great to heal dry, damaged skin. The herbs we use in making the salve, help to keep the skin supple, accelerate healing of wounds and may aid in warding off infection.  For those who are homebound due to flu or colds, you may find that using our Bek’s Blend

will combat the symptoms quickly and get you back out and about.

      What more could you ask for!!!