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Rebecka Drew

Rebecka has been drawn to the powers of plants since childhood. Gardening with her Grandfather opened the door to the refreshing aromas and tastes of peppermint and lemon grass.  Even as a young child, the function of the human body fascinated her.  At 16 she was invited to observe Frontier Nurses in TN where herbal therapies were the norm. The experience sparked the fire in her desire to learn the healing arts.  

Rebecka attended Coatesville Hospital School of Nursing and West Chester University.  Her 40+ years of nursing encompassed many specialties that include Critical Care, Case Management, Home Care, and Clinical Consultant work with Baxter Health Care.  The combination of her medical and herbal education opened the door to the exciting healing arts of holistic medicine.  

Rebecka received her education and certification in Aroma Therapy from The West Coast Institute of Aroma Therapy and completed courses in Shiatsu massage therapy.  

She became a bee keeper in 2008.  Her honey bees provide the company with their healing honey and wax.  In 2000 she became the president of ETI and continues to lead the company on a pathway of holistic practice.  

Pam has been interested in the healing arts for the past 20 years. She is a Certified Shiatsu Practitioner and continues to study Healing Touch and other forms of hands on healing.  Pam has always believed that the power of the mind is a huge part of being healthy.

However, as mid-life approached, she began to experience the same physical challenges as her peers: arthritis, hypoglycemia, weight gain, diminished vision. Although this was not acceptable to her, she was unable to find a solution until she discovered the living foods lifestyle.

Pam attended American University in Washington, DC and West Chester University, PA.  She is the Mother of two and Grandmother of three.  She has returned to her roots in Pennsylvania after sojourning in Florida and North Carolina for the past 5 years. Having learned first hand the supreme power of a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, it has become her mission to teach others how to prepare quick, easy, delicious meals.

She has studied with raw food chef Chad Sarno of Vital Creations and partnered with Ken Rohla of Fresh and Alive and has authored the cookbook called COOKING IN THE RAW.

Pam Bowman

Shiatsu Practitioner

Armand became involved in the field of alternative health practices in 1992. He has specialized training in massage therapy, Hospice care, crisis counseling, patient care, bereavement support, group facilitation and public speaking.

Providing care for: seniors, special needs individuals, para/quadriplegics, people dealing with Alzheimer’s/dementia, recovery from surgery, stroke, or under Hospice care.

Armand has received training through schools and workshops including The Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy, Touch Pro Institute in California, The Esthetic Research Group in New York, Parents Anonymous of PA, Family Effectiveness Training, Mid-Atlantic Thresholds, Susquehanna Hospice, YWCA, Wise Options, and Compassionate Care Hospice.

Armand Rabuttinio

Massage Practitioner



Anita Waddington

Web Designer


Anita, a jack of all trades, is ETI’s go to person and consultant. For many years, she was involved in farming as she raised 2 sons “off the land.”   Her large garden provided produce free of pesticides.  She canned and froze a large portion of her produce for the winter months.

Once Anita’s children began to attend school, she reentered the work arena. She specialized in customer service, accounting, advertising, and market management.  She finds pleasure in hiking, biking, gardening, cooking, cake decorating, and her latest accomplishment, web designing.

Maxine Segich

Office Manager

Maxine attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, PA and received an associate degree in  arts and sciences.  For 24 years, until a severe car accident and diagnosis of MS, she was an assistant manager for the family-run restaurant, Maximillan’s, in Boothwyn, PA.

Maxine’s management skills, and need for holistic intervention for her MS, was a determining factor in becoming one of the co-founders of ETI.  Her role as Office Manager encompasses the many facets of the company.  Her belief in the holistic sciences is what enables her to live her life to the fullest and dedicate so much of her positive inspiration to the company.