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Body Scrubs Body and Massage Oils


Bek's Bountiful Bees Body and Bath



We use a combination of grapeseed, jojoba, and Vitamin E oils as carriers for essential oils (plant chemical components). Their molecular structures determine the quantity of essential oils absorbed into the skin.  

We offer an array of scents and can customize as per your therapeutic needs. These oils can be added to the bath as well.

We offer many unique and whimsical candles and containers for your pleasure and gift giving joy.  We will customize to accommodate your requests.


Diffusers are used as passive transporters of molecules that constitute essential oils. These oils are used to initiate a desired effect.  The size of the area will determine the type of diffuser required.

We carry many types of diffusers as shown in this category.  If you have  questions regarding the type of diffuser you may need, please feel free

to contact us.

Candles Blends and Salves


Our bubble bath and body wash contain essential oils and quality scents.  They are packaged in 8 oz squeezable plastic bottles.  
Our body lotion is a combination of Vitamin E and emulsifiers with added essential oils and quality scents, also packaged in 8 oz squeezable plastic bottles.

We will customize scents upon request.


Our soaps are made with various ingredients, which include goat's milk, aloe vera, and olive oil.  

Our loofah soaps may be used to exfoliate as they stimulate blood flow resulting in renewed and vibrant skin.

Our soaps may be scented with our own essential oil blends or customized as per your desire.  

Candles - Specialty/Seasonal Diffusers


Our exclusive anti-inflammatory salve is a combination of herbs and essential oils blended in coconut oil, grapeseed oil, Vitamin E, and beeswax.  This may be applied to painful joints, sore muscles, and tissue injury.  

Our blend is a combination of essential oils that target specific ailments.  These blends may be customized according to your needs.


Our very own REBECKA now has beehives and that means HONEY and POLLEN. Raw Local Honey and Pollen are homeopathic treatments for allergies. We are located on the east coast in Delaware County, PA and will be happy to supply your needs WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.  Our bees collect from surrounding flora in a 3 mile radius of wooded land and dandelion speckled lawns.  Our terrain is “bee friendly”.  


Our 17½ oz bath teas consist of fragrant herbs and flowers combined with oatmeal, grapeseed oil, Vitamin E, glycerine, essential oils and quality fragrances.  The bath teas are contained in beautiful glass ginger jars (5 ½” high x 4” wide) accompanied by two reusable silky “teabags.”  After drawing your bath, place the teabag into the water to disperse the scent.  As you soak, occasionally squeeze and rub the tea bag over your body to feel the softening effects of the oils and oatmeal. After your bath, squeeze out the excess water from the teabag and hang from your faucet to dry.  The scent will continue to permeate the room. When your aroma has faded, the bags can be refilled and reused.

Bath Teas


We carry a variety of half ounce bottles of 100% essential oils.  Since the beginning of their existence. people have been using the power of scent . In ancient Egypt, legend has it that Cleopatra herself had the sails of her ship soaked in jasmine oil to attract Mark Antony. Essential oils are known to evoke sensations that are alluring, relaxing, comforting, healing, and sensual.

Instrumental arrangements of classical nature, piano, flutes, acoustic guitar and more! These CDs come with a 7.5" x 7.5" full colored 16 page "Sense of Serenity" guide. The guide is printed on sturdy, thick multicolored parchment paper with beautiful photography, inspirational messages, poetry, recipes and craft instructions using herbs and essential oils.

NOTE:  Only available while supplies last.

Sense of Serenity CDs


Our gift baskets or boxes can be artistically arranged with your choice of products.   We can combine lotions, bubble bath, candles, soaps, musical CD’s, etc.  A gift card can be provided upon request. These beautifully crafted gift creations are endless and just a click away!!!

Your seasons and holidays can be accentuated by using an array of our unique products.  Each season requires a specific focus for which herbs and essential oils are found to be most useful and beneficial.  As an example, citronella products are useful in summer as a repellant, and immune boosting products are useful and beneficial in the fall and winter.  You will find an array of products that will meet your needs in each season.

Our specific holidays and seasonal products  will be displayed accordingly so please be sure to check back often.  Products  can be  paired for holiday gift baskets as well.

Gift Baskets/Holiday




Our body scrubs come in 8 oz containers and are formulated to exfoliate the entire body from head to toe.  All of our scrubs contain our essential oils, premium scents, lanolin, Vitamin E, honey, grapeseed oil, and glycerin.  Not only will the aroma awaken your senses, the therapeutic effect will soften and revitalize your skin.  The scrub scents can be customized according to your therapeutic need.  All of our scrubs are made with sugar rather than salt as salt tends to pull fluid from the skin. Because of this difference, one may exfoliate daily.


Our  ½ oz votives are made of soy and beeswax.

Our premium 10 oz candles are made of soy and beeswax.  When melted it can be applied to the skin as one would apply lotion or perfume.  We use essential oils and premium scents to promote a therapeutic response.  These scents may be customized as per your “whim” or therapeutic need.

Our 10 oz wickless gel candles, known as “Gel Sense” are perfect with our candle warmers.  When not on a warmer, you may keep the lid off to use as an air freshener as the scents permeate the rooms wonderfully.

Soaps Essential Oils